3 House Aesthetics That You Can Transform Your Home Into

Our house is our refuge from the outside world. It gives us privacy, it gives us comfort, and it gives us time for ourselves; the time to be alone and relaxed, to not have to worry about how others may see us and how they may think of us. Not to mention, the home is also something that is usually completely ours – and because of that, we can choose how we may decorate it however we wish! 

Whether you live in Johor Bahru, in a condo for sale Cheras, or even a Gombak apartment, there’s something incredibly fun and comforting about being able to personalize your own space to your tastes. You can paint the walls your favorite color, replace your shingles with a pretty skylight, and fill your home with the cutest furniture you can imagine. It really is up to you how you want to use your own space, and you’re therefore free to decorate it in all the things and colors and furniture designs that make you happy! The home is where the heart is, after all – so design to your heart’s wants and content! 

So for those of you who want a distinctive home aesthetic for you to call your own, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are 3 house aesthetics that you can transform your home into! 

1. Cute, Pastel Home 

A cute, pastel home is exactly what it sounds like – a home aesthetic that puts cuteness and pastel hues at the forefront! Homes like these usually implement a soft pastel color scheme, such as soft pinks and creams and powder blues, as well as incredibly cute design properties such as frilly fences, porches with elaborate banisters, and heart shaped patterns everywhere! It’s also common for cute pastel homes to come with an adorable, blooming backyard stuffed with flowers, so if you have a green thumb, that’s a plus! 

Inside, you can furnish your home with similarly pastel and cute furniture; such as fluffy rugs, heart shaped tables, and cute, rose-varnished closets. The end result is a home that will look like it came completely out of a fairy tale – and is perfect for people who love cute things and adore pastel aesthetics! 

2. Gothic Home 

Homes like the Adams’ family home come to mind when you think of the gothic aesthetic. These homes are those that look like they were plucked right out of a medieval century – with dramatic peaked roofs, high arches, long windows with elaborate frames, and a color scheme as black as night. Turrets are also pretty commonplace in Gothic-style homes, rising from the ground to spear the sky like an enormous dark weapon. The sunset glances off it’s windows and sets the panes ablaze, making the home look like an enormous crouched beast; eyes glowing with malice. 

Inside the Gothic home usually lies similarly gothic pieces of furniture. These are usually gargoyle statues, ancient pictures with intricately-carved frames, and black upholstered chairs with elaborate patterns. Lace curtains drape over the windows and glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and ornate black furniture looms over the abode like relics from an ancient time. Gothic homes have a style of their own, and they’re quite unique – so if you’re a fan of a black and the goth, you could try it out! 

3. Rainbow Home 

From the black and Gothic to the endlessly bright and cheerful, rainbow homes are exactly what they sound like! These homes are often painted in every color of the rainbow, from warm reds to bright yellows to soft, pretty violets! It’s up to you to what extent you want your house to bear rainbow stripes – you could only paint certain walls rainbow, or everywall, or even every available surface; from the doors to the roof! Honestly, it’s really up to you! 

The interior of a rainbow home often bears the same bright color scheme as it’s exterior. To prevent from being blasted by color every time you walk inside, however, we recommend keeping the walls white, and have the furniture itself create a rainbow aesthetic – e.g. having a blue couch with yellow throw pillows, a red table, a rainbow carpet, and etc. This will create an interior that’s softly rainbow rather than harshly rainbow, and will therefore not assault your senses every time you come in!

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