3 Ways For You To Diversify Your Financial Portfolio

The Financial market has been in an array of problems the past year. This came true to nearly every country in the world and including Malaysia. The stepping down of Tun Dr Mahathir as the Prime Minister caused a temporary crash as well as the Covid-19 pandemic which made it lose its value even further. We believe the best time to make use of all these losses are now. You could make most of the losses by buying back stocks and other goodies from the financial market. As the value remains low at the moment due to the MCO and political instability, the best time to strike is now. So here are 3 ways for you to diversify your financial portfolio.

First of all, you should start small and invest into any areas you see fit. If you’re a student thinking about investing but have no income whatsoever, we encourage you to do so. First, open up a EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account. The purpose of an EPF account is to help you save for your retirement and if you save here, you can keep it in a place where you can’t reach and won’t use the money for any other purposes. Besides that, you can also put extremely small amounts at a time with no minimum amount.

Furthermore, you can also start putting your money in an ASNB (Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad) account to diversify your financial portfolio. A mistake usually made by Malaysians is that they assume ASNB is only for Bumiputera but there are also options for Non-bumiputera. You can start putting money as low as RM10. You can start putting funds in there and grow it slowly. The dividend for ASNB is around 7-10% per year which is substantial.

Next you can place your money in a forex broker account for you to start trading. Being in a forex exchange will give you a boost in your financial portfolio. It might be tough to trade at first but as you learn and as time passes, you will be able to trade professionally. Trading is no joke though, as you need a lot of knowledge and to know the current market to avoid losses. Unlike EPF or ASNB which do not give you losses and don’t risk your money, forex is a huge gamble and you could potentially lose all your savings if you’re not careful. Some days you might earn more but there will be days where you will lose more.

Finally, you can try investing in firms at bursa Malaysia. Investing privately at Bursa Malaysia is a big risk to take as well. Stocks in Malaysia are still very cheap and you can get them for a good price. Note that, each time you wish to buy a stock somewhere, you need to purchase at least 100 stocks at a time. You should be prepared to lose the money when you’re investing here as it is very high risk as well. If there are instabilities in the country, all the stocks lose value immediately. The stock market is extremely volatile in these matters.

 We hope we enjoyed our list and will take them to consideration. Your financial portfolio is a great place for you to start investing and grow so that you can have a stable future and a happier life.

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