5 Futuristic Careers for You

Did you know, a career in the digital field also offers high salaries? More importantly, it’s also actually fun.

In conjunction with a #mydigitalmaker career fair to be held in Kuala Lumpur, in thisi lists some ‘new’ careers and may never cross your mind as a career to ‘make money’. Get Seo services malaysia .


If you have the talent to influence society in lifestyle aspects, you might want to consider this career. You usually check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram notifications while you’re done working or even during breaks to not miss developments from friends, famous sportsmen and favorite celebrities. At the same time, you may aspire to be an influencer who earns high profits and lives in luxury while having many followers on social media. Even in Malaysia, this job is the dream of every teenager and it has been proven to be able to generate income many times over from the money invested.

Typically, an influencer will market products that have already been tried by giving their views.

All you need is a camera or smartphone, open an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account and make sure the videos and photos uploaded are able to attract people’s attention. 


Who would have thought that spending hours in front of a computer to test online programs can help you generate a high income.

In fact, we are here to report that a professional ‘gamer’ can earn up to millions of ringgit. More encouragingly, the Malaysian government also plans to develop an e-sports hub in the near future.

So, you can be sure of a bright future if you succeed in this field.


There are over 3.8 million apps on Google Play and over 2 million apps on the Apple App Store. About 60,000 new applications are displayed each month. If you’re curious, actually the apps you often see on those two platforms can be developed by anyone, regardless of rank and age.

You can also take advantage of materials available online such as Apple’s Developer Program to start producing your own applications.


You must know Tony Stark or Iron Man. What it does is actually the responsibility of a robotic engineer.

They create robots or robotic systems that can do things that humans find difficult or cannot do to facilitate daily tasks, making them more efficient and safe.

Mechanical and electrical engineering collide in robotics and mechatronics, which uses computer control systems to make equipment smarter and more efficient.

You could design planetary exploration rovers or robots for precise manufacturing or to assist the elderly as a robotics and mechatronics engineer. Alternatively, you may transform a common home item into a really intelligent gadget, or create the software that controls those devices.

You’ll learn how to deal with large volumes of data and create systems that make sense of it in real time so that a fully automated manufacturing facility or a car can run safely and efficiently.


If you fail a vision test to become a pilot, this career may be your second choice.

Every day various industries are starting to use drone services to conduct operations such as monitoring and some even for film production.

As a drone pilot, you just have to control and ensure the smooth operation of the drone.

Interesting isn’t it? Presumably, which career of the above is your choice?