belly lifting pants for pregnant women Malaysia

Belly Lifting Pants and Pregnancy- The Advantages

belly lifting pants for pregnant women in Malaysia

Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most beautiful things that a woman can experience. It is synonymous with fulfilling a prophecy almost and it turns women into fearsome goddesses. However, what many do not understand is that pregnancy is one of the most difficult and stressful times of a woman’s life. She is uncomfortable the entire time and in every way imaginable. She is physically uncomfortable, emotionally high strung, and mentally reeling from the daunting task of being a mother. While many husbands, baby daddies, and families step up during this time and pitch in to help out the extremely disgruntled mother, there are some aspects of the pregnancy that no one can take. Morning sickness, swollen ankles, inability to find a comfortable spot due to the belly, the ever growing and heavy belly are just some of the examples of things that no one but a pregnant woman can bear. 

The pregnancy belly of a woman is like an entity with its own mind. The belly enlarges in order to accommodate the growth of the child and as the child develops, the belly becomes more and more heavy. Carrying this heavy weight is no easy task and women are always left feeling weighed down and uncomfortable. 

While there are several maternity wear pieces that tackle this exact problem, belly lifting pants for pregnant women in Malaysia have been a godsend. These pants can fit under the belly of the mother and lift it, allowing some of the pressure to be taken off from the mother’s body. 

belly lifting pants for pregnant women in Malaysia

Advantages of Belly Lifting Pants

During pregnancy, belly-lifting pants are meant to support the lower back and abdomen. These stretchy support garments could be beneficial to active pregnant women, especially in the second and third trimesters.

  1. Help Decrease Pain

Belly lifting pants for pregnant women in Malaysia allow for the debilitating back and joint pain to subside a little. The prevalence of back and pelvic discomfort during pregnancy was explored in a study published in the Spine JournalTrusted Source. They discovered that 71% of women have low back pain, and 65% have pelvic girdle pain.

Wearing a belly band while pregnant can assist support to the lower back and baby bump during activities, resulting in less pain.

  1. Provides Gentle Compression

A pair of belly lifting pants’ modest compression can assist stabilise the uterus and relieve discomfort caused by movement during physical activity.

A word of caution: excessive abdominal compression might restrict circulation and have harmful effects on blood pressure. Heartburn and indigestion can also be caused by it.

  1. Cues for Posture

Belly lifting pants give the body external cues to help it maintain appropriate posture. Belly raising pants enhance optimal posture and avoid lower back overextension by supporting the lower back and torso. The extra weight borne in front of the body, combined with the stretching and weakening of important core muscles that support the spine, causes the distinctive “swayback” aspect of pregnancy.
Given the number of advantages provided by belly lifting pants, it is safe to assume that these are a necessary item of clothing. Due to their staple status. Belly lifting pants demands have grown exponentially over the years, however using one without consulting your doctor may prove to be dangerous for the baby. In order to get a pair, go to Mamaclipqs today!

belly lifting pants for pregnant women in Malaysia