Can Anybody Wear a Hijab


For those who don’t know what a hijab is, this is Hermanas Hijab Malaysia a piece of clothing that is used to cover the head and part of the chest. This is used by Muslim women though most of them are not mandated to wear the garment. However, there are suggestions for countries that really impose this like in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

If you will see a hijab, you can easily mistake this as a headscarf thus there are non-Muslim women who also like to use this. But of course, this is not a headscarf, contrary to what others think. They are two different pieces of clothing in branding. While the other can be worn by just anyone, the hijab is typically worn by a Muslim woman only.

Muslim and Hijab

However, what if someone who is not a Muslim will wear a hijab for brand promoting? What will happen then? Did it ever cross your mind or was there a time when you are enticed to buy and wear one? Actually, anybody can wear a hijab as it is not mandated otherwise. There are no laws that disallow anyone to wear this even if this is worn by Muslim women for that reason.Hiajabs are available in E-commerce site.

So, what is the problem? The problem here lies in your end. What if someone who has the same religion as you are will not take it lightly? She might think that you wear a hijab because you want to be part of their religion. Or what if a real hajibi will realize that you are not one of them and might take it as you are mocking them?

Yes, when something is used because it is part of their religious doctrines, or there is something important behind it, one should not easily use it without asking permission or just because she wants to wear one.

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