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Are you in doubt about the course and want to know more about the profession? In this guide, we’ve brought you everything you need to know about Nursing and universiti kejururawatan! Course length, disciplines, best universities, job market and performance of a nurse.

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What is Nursing?

universiti kejururawatan

Nursing is a science that aims at the implementation and execution of illness and disease treatments, always bearing in mind humanized patient care. This care can be carried out individually, in the family or in communities, in an integral and holistic way.

In Malaysia, Nursing is a profession exercised by nurses, nursing technicians and nursing assistants, who, despite working in the same area, have different positions, functions and training.

In general, the knowledge that governs the work of a nurse is built through the intersection of Philosophy, Science and Technology, in addition to being guided by the notions of ethics and responsibility in health care.

Nursing course

The Nursing course, whether in higher or technical education modality, aims to train professionals trained to work in the prevention, promotion, protection and restoration of people’s health, always working in partnership with other professionals in the area.

Throughout the course, the student is qualified to understand the patient’s health status, with a view to making decisions aimed at their well-being, based on ethical notions and a commitment to maintaining knowledge through updates and continuing education.

Unlike many other courses in the health area, Nursing has as its main approach the humanized care of patients. Thus, a good part of the course focuses on the discussion of ethical and public health issues.

As they work directly with patients, nurses bring in their training a great influence of psychological and anthropological aspects with regard to the relationship with those to whom they provide health care.

Nursing Internship

The supervised internship in Nursing aims to develop in students not only the understanding of what was studied in the classroom, but mainly the different ways of applying this knowledge, reflecting on the practice itself.

Thus, the internship is essential for the nursing student, since it is during this activity that the student will develop the skills necessary to carry out the interventions that are part of the profession, enabling the transformation of the professional in the experience of their practice.

The internship is, therefore, a mandatory part of nursing courses, ensuring that the student enters the market in a natural way and experiencing the different areas of activity of a professional nurse.

The apprenticeship positions can be found either through partnerships with educational institutions hospitals (such as university hospitals of major universities) as well as on their own, offered on the market. Due to the great demand for health professionals, getting an internship in Nursing is not a very difficult task.

Duration of the Nursing course

The Ministry of Education (MEC) is responsible for regulating the workload of all higher education courses in Malaysia. Thus, according to the agency, a nursing degree must have a minimum workload of four thousand hours.

Some universities even distribute these 4,000 hours in courses lasting four years, but it is very common to find Nursing courses that last five years, as is the case with other graduations in the health area. Of this total hours, 20% must be dedicated to the mandatory internship, which usually takes place in the last periods of the course.

There are also several professionals with high school education working in the Nursing market. These opted for technical courses, which last about two years. 

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