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How Can We Protect Women

Incidents of violence against women are deliberately increasing day by day in Malaysia. Women are getting attacked in all sorts of forms, physically, mentally, and sexually and this has caused an outburst among the women community itself. It has been two rough years, and yet we just don’t seem to give breaks to women. Many women have been going through hard times, with them being the leader of the family and being a single mother to independent women taking care of themselves, we will never know what they are going through.

There are many more ways that Malaysian women can protect themselves, web design agencies in Malaysia are trying all sorts of ways to help women to keep them safe. And yet there are inconsiderable people that trouble women just for the sake of their enjoyment and fun. Women only hope to keep themselves safe is to contact the police or any of their men in their house to protect them, but these days there are many more ways for women to protect themselves.

web design agencies in Malaysia

Carrying Pepper Spray

This is an old days technique but it still works. Pepper spray is a great weapon for women, well it definitely is not a knife, but it does its work in keeping strangers especially unwanted people away. Once a pepper spray sprayed on a person, they will get a very stingy sensation that will distract them and give you enough time to get away from the person.

Going For Classes

The days where men fight for women have come to an end, women have to fight for themselves and for their own safety and protection. No man these days has the times to come and be your savior and hero. Women can try for any fighting classes or self-defense classes where they teach you tricks and techniques to get rid yourself from certain situations

Carrying Pocket Angel

Pocket Angel has become very well known for its useful purpose. Sometimes women have no time to take out their pepper spray at the right time or to get their moves to kick start and be stuck in a panic mood. That is why pocket angels are created, it is for the time when you got yourself frozen. Pocket angels are devices that cause an alarming sound that goes up to 5 houses away to alert people that you are in danger. With its loud sound impact, it will also drive unwanted strangers away.

Downloading Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is an application that is designed by Xin Ci Chin and her team to protect women wherever and whenever. Watch Over Me uses new technology to protect women, women can just turn on the app whenever they feel unsafe. And by giving them the necessary information and details women can set the time period for them to click the safe button. If they don’t the app will immediately alert the loved ones that they are not safe and the location and details of those women.

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