Military diets with chicken

Military diets

We know that about every country has a defense, Military and many other law and order system in their industry. They are appointed to take care of our country. But for that they have to maintain many laws, orders, right. If there any enemies attacked or make a move to attack then they can protect us. For give a protection or be a part in those fight they must need to be fit and for these they need to maintain a hard diet chart which provided by the military nutrition’s . Militaries and the persons took part in defense they need to maintain the good diet chart so they maintain the military diet. Also, some general people follow these diet chart for weight loss to achive their goals.


The online magazines from e-commerce sites and from many exposures we got to know that in military diet chart there are no space for rice. In 2017 the US military camp was exposed these issues that they provide bread, milk, boiled eggs and black coffee in their breakfast. On their lunch they provide Breads, eggs, fish which contain high fatty acids and bake chicken, also they provided potatoes sometime. They also provided fruits, baked potatoes, juice as afternoon snacks to their fighter and for the night menus they provide bread and baked chickens with a glass of soy milk. So, if we noticed in these diet chart there is no space for rice or red meat to keep their body through the menu from suggestion is full of chicken cause chicken is not contain so much fat as like red meat and that rick in good source of portions which kinds of protein we need for a balanced health. As far as the Halal chicken supplier Singapore supply around 3000 kgs of chicken per weeks to Singapore military camps. So, if you want to start a military diet jump on the chicken diet no matter if you like chicken or not.

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