Popular E-Sports Games

Video games, to some of the older generation, they are either a waste of time, bad for your health, or the number one cause of violent behavior. It’s OK though, we will let them be out of touch, but coming back into reality, the video game industry is among the largest in the world, and now we have E-Sports. 

E-Sports has truly taken the world by storm with large events and leagues that can go on par with major sporting events. There are big prizes and stars, there are intense moments, moments of utter failure and moments of groundbreaking triumph. 

Now yes some will say things like “Video Games are not a real sport” or “Why are you watching people play games? Can’t you play them your self?” 

Those people are stuck in the past, this old mindset that sport has to involve getting out into a field and getting concussions and so on. Now, I’m not throwing any shade on sport, oh no, I am merely stating that the category of sport has been expanded, sure playing video games is no Olympics, but there is money to be won both by the players and maybe you if you head over to the V3 online casino where you can place your bets in many E-Sports tournaments. 

But what kind of games are being played? Well, I’m here to tell you as we list down the most popular games in the E-Sports World.

League of Legends

Ah, a classic, you or someone you know must’ve played this game as it was really popular, in fact, it still is. For those of you who still haven’t heard of the game, League of Legends or LOL is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA. It is often regarded as the best MOBAs of all time. The game has elements of role-playing, tower defense, and real-time strategy.

The League of Legends Championship Series have prizes that can go up to 2 million USD. 

Dota 2

This is another legendary free-to-play MOBA game that has become very well known in the gaming and E-Sports world. In this game, you choose one of 100 selectable heroes and take them to battle, putting their own individual abilities and traits to your advantage. This can showcase how the player adapts with each character’s ability in order to achieve victory.

The annual Dota 2 International has prices that go up to 30 million USD. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This game has taken the gaming world by storm in the surge of the battle royale genre. Nearly anyone who is family with games will have heard of it, even people who are not that big of gamers themselves. PUBG is an open-world action game where you the player, need to be the last one standing among other players. It takes and blends the ingredients of open-world games, first-person shooters, and MMOs to make this awesome action-packed game that leaves not only the player on the edge of their seat but to any of those watching them as well.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS Go, is a fast-paced first-person shooter from Valve, the same company that gave is Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and previous Counter-Strike titles. Global Offensive is the latest in the line of Counter-Strike games, its fans are made up of loyal fans of the old series and new contenders coming in to take part in fast-paced matches to achieve victory. 

CS Go is highly competitive, the Eleague Major competition offers up to 1 million USD in awards.


Another battle-royale game that has taken the world by storm with about 7.6 million players on it, it could be more by the time this article gets read! Fortnite beats PUBG in terms of the number of players, probably because it is free-to-play while PUBG is not. It’s stylized graphics, construction system that allows you to build structures and approachable gameplay is what really makes this game popular, especially among kids as the game is not that graphic as compared to PUBG. A funny fact to add to this, parents HATE this game, especially of their kids, are on it like all the time, in fact, some governments have tried to ban it because of its supposed addictiveness.  

In 2019, 16-year old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf managed to win 3 million USD from a 30 million USD prize pool in the inaugural Fortnite World Cup. Good on you Kyle!

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf after his victory

And those were some of the most popular E-Sports games there are right now, there are tons more as different genres can appeal to different more so be sure to look for them too!