Qualities of an SAP Consultant You Should Look For

What are the qualities of an SAP Consultant?

Working with a competent SAP consultant can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth SAP implementation. Companies embarking on an arduous journey of implementing a highly integrated system like SAP ERP can ensure a smooth selling relationship with SAP consultants if they are with the right ones.

But what should be the qualities of an SAP consultant one should look for? Check out below for these qualities as they may well be included in every job description for SAP project roles. Every SAP project member, technical and business alike, must have these qualities to be successful in their role. Check this out:

Here are the good qualities of an SAP Consultant

1. You have to look at a challenge and say, “I could do that.” It might even help if you are a little megalomaniacal about your thinking; for example: “I can do anything, given enough time and information.” Now that we live in an era in which information is almost always only a google away, the question becomes, “Do I have enough time to master this?” Most of the spectacular failures of consulting engagements probably result from a false positive answer to that question — stemming from the very hubris that makes it possible to be successful.

2. You need to be passionate about solving problems, because that is what you’ll be doing all day. Whether it’s a problem with computers, logistics, or personnel, your clients want you to solve it. Consulting may be for you if you like math and word problems; find problems in daily life more of a challenge in optimization than a drag; and enjoy playing a difficult game or solving a tough puzzle.

3. You have to be able to keep yourself on task, especially if you work from a remote office. If you can’t control your tendency to procrastinate, you’ll never get anything done — and if you never get anything done, you won’t keep your clients.

4. Many of the problems you encounter will take a lot of mental juice to solve, which means that you need to be able to focus your attention for long periods of time. You also need to be able to continue to process a problem in the background when you’re not giving it full attention. Some of my best solutions come to me in my sleep, in the shower, while taking a walk, or while engaged in some other activity.

5. While it’s important to focus on a specific problem, you should also be able to see beyond the task at hand and question the assumptions that led to the problem; this can help you predict problems and find opportunities that your client hasn’t considered.

Take a look at the qualities of a perfect SAP consultant profile:

All of the things mentioned above can be your inspirations in looking for SAP consultants that can help you in transforming your business. If you want a recommendation, you can first check Sap Support Services Malaysia as they have the best consultants in their midst. They are passionate in ensuring that their clients have used their money wisely.